Reading a data DVD I made

I just made a data DVD with my external NEC 3500ag,
copying m4v and other files onto a DVD-R disc.

I can view these files on the my computer via the NEC 3500 DVD-/+RW drive.

However, my internal Toshiba SD r2312 does not allow me to view these files.

Is there a way or software required
to allow me to view these files via the internal

Toshiba DVD/CD- RW?

Thanks in Advance,

I have an internal R2212 and it is so picky at reading any recordable DVD media. I have had some sucess in using +R media booktype set to DVD-Rom - but sometimes it will read and sometimes it won’t!! I guess they are just crappy drives for reading recordable media!

Good to note,


By the way, the Toshiba will read a burned data Epro DVD-RW
but will not read a burned data DVD-R Ati disc
using the diffferent buring software.

Epro was burned on Itunes
and Ati DVD-R was burned with DVD Burner Pro.

More research to do but ought not the Toshiba read all data DVD’s?

Thanks Robert

The older toshiba drives do not read +R media, but should, I repeat should read -R media - same as you my drive will read -RW discs no problem. As I said before I have had some sucess with +R media booktyped to DVD-Rom - but not always!!

That is more clear for me then.

Will use DVD-RW for the files I want to refer to and use on my notebook: ZE4230…

I will see if friends’ cd/ dvdrom drive can read the dvd-r data discs.
At least my NEC can and will read dvd-r data discs.