Reading a damaged disc

Tried to recover a Star Trek disc but Anydvd, dvdfab dvdshrink would stop at the start with an error message [cant read].
The solution for me was to use Isobuster. No error messages and when it couldnt read it would try a few times and then put a null in instead.
All adjustable.
Playing the result, you would get a fast glitch where the null was but the DVD played all the way through.

I think this is what you will find is the best way for a DVD you need to recover.
Assuming it is a commercial copy protected DVD you need a decrypter.
I use AnyDVD but did some tests a while back with PassKey Lite & it worked too.
I uninstalled PassKey Lite after that because of warning messages between it & AnyDVD.
Since you have AnyDVD it should work well for this.
You need to downloadIsoPuzzle
All you need to do is unzip it & it works as a portable.
To the folder you unzip it to you will need the wnaspi32.dll .

The best one for IsoPuzzle is in h2cdimage.
You can download it here .h2cdimage

Unzip it & copy & paste the wnaspi32.dll into the IsoPuzzle folder.

Then With AnyDVD activated Open IsoPuzzle & used it to rip the DVD.
Then load the .iso into VirtualCloneDrive & burn it to a DVD.

If you want to you can use h2cdimage itself from command line.
This takes some learning .

It was a commercial disc [part of a full set of all years of Star trek ].
The only programme that would read the disc was Isobuster[free edition].
There was no choice - all the other programmes would fail within one second of trying to read the disc.
I am typing this as a solution not a problem.

ATM,Isobuster has a 50% discount @
I started with version 0.99.5 and payed for every major upgrade…and will probably still do when Peter keeps adding support for the latest mediacarriers… perhaps holographic discs…:eek::bigsmile:
Anyway,it’s a GREAT utilty!!:bow:

I have Proversion . It has done everything I need so I haven’t upgraded.
I didn’t test it on working without a decrypter on a commercial DVD.