Reading 8X burned DVDs with a 1x drive?

I recently picked up a Powerfile C200 CD/DVD changer in order to have reasonably quick (read: lazy) access to data that has been burned to CD/DVD. All of my burned CD’s can be read without incident, but not a single data DVD is readable by either of the two internal DVD drives.

At this point, my buest guess is that the age of the unit (5+ years) puts it at a 1x speed drive and the DVD’s themselves were burned with an 8x Cyberhome dual format DVD burner. In other modern DVD drives, the data on the disc is perfectly accessible, but not through the Powerfile’s two Toshiba brand internal DVD drives. That being said, am I off track in thinking that the speed rating has anything to do with the disc readability on the older drives? Is there anything I can even do about it if that is the case? A firmware upgrade? Making a wish?

Any information is appreciated,

PJ (

It’s more likely that the old-ish drives just can’t read your discs. Try burning some data onto a high quality -R at 2x… see if it can read that.

The speed rating only matters in that it’s a reflection (generally) of the overall quality of the burn. It’s more likely that the old drive just doesn’t want to read modern +R’s or whatever you were using.

You can always TRY to update the firmware, though you might have to take those drives out of the jukebox and put them into your PC to do it, unless there’s a special updater for the jukebox itself.