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Will the the readhack improve ripping of DVD-Video using decryptor? I have a 451 and it takes more than 17 minutes to rip a DVD-video. (Or is this a CPU dependant operation and it doesn’t matter how fast the drive is?) I have seen some posts that indicate that the readhack only improves speeds for DVD R. Also, if I hack my 451 to 851, do I use the readhack afterwards? And what about speedhack? Can that be added after, too? I tell ya! Things sure have gotten complicated since my Lite-On CDRW. There was just one simple instruction on how to upgrade it from a 40-48x.


Overclocking (451@851)… allows your burner to burn at a faster speed. No ripping speed enhancement.

Speedhacking… removes/relaxes burning speed restrictions based on media type. No effect on ripping, can be seen as a supplement to overclocking (OC lets your burner burn faster, SH lets you use that faster speed on more media types)

Readhacking… increases the reading speed of certain disc types in the 451/851 to 812S speeds. Potentially higher ripping speeds, depending on what media type you’re dealing with.

thinks that maybe I should create a LiteOn FAQ for DVD burners, as things have indeed gotten more “complicated”…


Thanks CODE, Yes a FAQ would be great

What I was wanting to know about readhack is whether it effects the read speed of DVD-Video. I have no interest in reading DVD R faster, just DVD-Video. Any ideas. I guess I could just try it. Which brings me to the question of sequence. Letus say I have the GSOF (851) firmware (I have read that this better for +R disks, which is what I have) and I run the LDW851FP.exe program to remove the eprom check. Do I then run the readhack program and then the speedhack program
before I update the firmware? Thanks again


decryptor is a ripper - it doesn’t do any transcoding/shrinking and so is not very processor dependent.
So yes, the readhack should make ur rips quicker. If u go 451@851, then u can apply the readhack afterwards to make ur rips quicker, and the speedhack if u want to burn some media faster than the drive initially allows.
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my my ur quick Winifred:) .
I guess if ur trying to rip pressed original dvd-video, the readhack won’t make a difference. Readhack only affects reading back burnt media.
U apply the hacks after u load on the new firmware.
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Thanks Booma, You’re pretty quick, as well. Have you tried or just certain that the readhack only effects DVD R reads? I have seen some mention that it will improve DVD-Video reads, but I can’t remember if this was from experience or just wishfull thinking.
And when you say apply the read and speed hacks after, do you mean after I have already update the drive firmware? If this is the case, how do the hacks change the firmware?


I haven’t tried with dvd video, I just took the author’s words for it and taken it that it only works for + and - R and RW.
yup, u apply the hacks after u load on the new firmware.
The readhack finds some table in the firmware that has the read speed set, and changes it to the new value. Likewise with the speedhack, it works around smartburn. Lite on engineers test certain discs and write it in the firmware which discs can take which speeds and limits them accordingly if necessary. The speedhack locates these values in the firmware and allows u to change them so the burner can go faster.
If u use good media, u shouldn’t really need the speedhack.


Thanks, It wasn’t clear before.
I have RICOHJPN-R01-002 + 4x media and if I upgrade to 851 I will have to apply the speedhack to be able to burn this at 8x. Right? Is there any reason not to apply the readhack? If not, I might as well just try it and see if there is any improvment.


Actually, the 451@851 overclock patcher also speedhacks the MCC002 and RICOHJPNR01 codes. If you want any other 4x codes bumped to 8x, though, you’ll have to use the speedhacker tool.

Readhacking should be fine. Many people have been using it for a few weeks now without problems.


Yes, u’ll need to apply the speedhack to get 8x out of the ricohjpnr01 media. Its allowed in the 811 but not the 851 for some reason:confused: . Can’t see any reason not to apply the readhack, so u can just have a run with it.
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Thanks again, When you say Overclock patcher, do you mean LDW851FP.exe or are you referring to a specific pre-patched firmware file?
And since you’re both obviously in a helpfull mood, is the GS0F better than the GS0H for my media? Finally, since the newer firmware enable bit setting, is there any reason to apply any of the patches for it?


Here is where I saw that the readhack increased DVD-Video read speeds. C0deKing indicatred it in his post. Is this readhack patched firmware any different that what I would get if I just patched the
GS0F firmware and than applied the readhack myself, or did C0deKing do something special to it?

But in looking at the DVD-Video read results he posted, they don’t appear any better than mine without any patches. So maybe it doesn’t help. I wonder if he test the same DVD-Video before he patched it.


The readhacking tool should produce the same results as C0deKing’s prepatched firmwares (we worked together on the tool).

LDW851FP is the overclock patcher.

The only bitsetting patch that you may want to apply is bs_auto.exe, which is the auto-bitsetting tool. The other bitsetting-related patcher is for the 812S only.


Just an update. I went ahead and applied the (readhacked 851 firmware) to my 451 using LtnFW.exe. It was easy and worked great. After unzipping the .bin file, I just applied it with LtnFW.exe. It took about 30 seconds. The drive can now write at my 4x media at 8x (I guess the hack has some speed hack code as well.) I am not sure if the readhack has improved the read speed of DVD-Video, but I think it did. I can’t verify this since I didn’t use the same disk before and after. But it seems like my DVD-Videos now can be ripped in 14 minutes where it too at least 17 minutes before. So thanks for all your help. It worked great.