Hello the Group
I have done a seach and can find no earlier thread (Which suprises me) But is the someone who would direct me to a site which will read and instruct a Hijackthis File Any assist and adsvice gratfull
TIA Clive

I wonder if I [COLOR=“Red”]miss titled the question above and made it misleading My apologize if so
Reaspects Clive

Well Seek and Yea shall find even if it’s done by myself!!!
Hope this site helps others

Hey Clive :)…it probably was the title (not that no-one would have helped) - I must admit, I thought the thread was about DVD reading drives til I clicked on it :wink:

Glad you got something sorted, and let us know about it :flower:

Thanks ror the Heads up Archane
I did suspect I had wrongly “Titled” it but everything has come out in the Wash (I must stop refering to water)
Hope you had a lot Less of the ‘Adam’s Ale’ than we had this side of the bridge
Thanks again >>> it is a powerful bit of software but I would dare interpret it without assistance
Take Care

Haha, yeah a lot less :wink:

As for HijackThis, I’ve never had to use it (fingers crossed!), but if you can get the logs deciphered for you, it’s a handy piece of software :wink:

Hi again
The link below leads to a Web site where I cut and paste the Hijackthis report > then request analysis and a reply gives a selection with indication of seriousness of the item listed in the report, and ‘suggests’ the action to be carried out.
Something that looks like magic to me but as a end resort is useful
I’ve only had to use it two or three times but it is that alternative that is only replaced by a life time of ‘Knowing what one is doing’ which I aint
Hope it is of some use