Readers 4 sub channael data

Sorry bout this, its probably been beat to death on here but I’M in need of a list of readers that read sub channel data and have been unable to locate one.
I know of a couple of Toshiba’s but have been unable to purchase in my area!
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanx Max

I had a few links for this info but they are now dead!
Surely one of the highly educated folks here have some insite!!:confused:

Go here
also look
hope this helps

Dont ask me,i aint all there

The Toshiba DVD players are recommended for CloneCD. They can read the full (96 bytes) SubChannels. And besides that they’re fast and cheap :wink:

So any of toshiba’s dvd roms will work?
I know that they are the recommended reader by the folks at
CCD, but I’m having a hard time tracking one down here in southern Ontario!! But I’ll keep pluggin away!
So thanx for the input and I’ll type at ya l8r!!


Just an update!!
I bought a Toshiba SD-M1502 DVDrom!
Now life is good

you did a hell of a good job there!!!
i got same dvd