What model do you guys recommend as a good reader and kprobe drive? My 3 month old 832 died last week and my newer 812@832 puked today. Pretty dependable stuff! :frowning: Neither one was what I’d call good readers anyway, they were very picky ‘bout less than perfect media and very slow rippers. My NEC 3500 smokes ‘em both but of course can’t kprobe.

Any advice would be appreciated……….


Liteon writers with stock firmware rip faster than the NEC 3500A with rip unlocked firmware. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to use KProbe you’ll have to get another Liteon. :wink:

The 3500 rips twice as fast as either one of my Liteon’s using Nero’s transfer test. I’ve got another 812 comming today for lack of a better choice. I’ll post results later, maybe I’ve got another problem.



I must be missing something: Here’s a comparison scan of an 832 I just pickup locally and the 3500. The Liteon scan is consistent with my previous 832 and 812. :wink:

Looks to me like the Liteon couldn’t keep up with the 3500 on it’s best day. Must be the price you have to pay to KProbe. :iagree:

C0deKing is mistaken. :wink:
I’ve even seen the 3500A outperform a LiteOn 166S DVD-ROM in reading/ripping SL discs on many occasions. :o
Maybe he was referring to DL discs? :confused:

If you’re looking for the fastest ripping LiteOn writer, the 1633S (or 1213@1633S) would be the winner.
16X CAV reading on SL DVD-ROM discs.

Thanks, I’ll try a 1633S…

I have a 1213 with the 1633 firmware (BS0C). I just a few minutes ago ripped the new Walt Disney release, Home on the Range, which is dual layer. DvdDecryptor showed an average of 7.3x and a maximum of 10.4x. Not too shabby.

Kool! I’ll have a 1633 tomorrow. Testing continues… :cool: