Reader required?

If i already have a liteon 48125W, then is it still recommended that i get a LTR-163 reader?

Not really. The Lite-On LTR-48125W has some problems reading SubChannel Data reliably when it comes to the latest SecuRom protection (Warcraft 3, Neverwinter Nights) but this can be fixed when you use the Lite-On SecuRom Profile. For links to these Profiles see my signature. Of course if you want to add a different reader the Lite-On DVD-ROM is a good drive and it’s cheap… You can’t go wrong with it.

thx. btw, you mentioned “…has some problems reading SubChannel Data reliably…” so does the LTR-163 read the subs correctly? If not then which drive does?

Yes it does. Other drives that are good Subs readers are the Yamaha CRW-F1 and the Plextor drives. Use our search function to find more information on the Lite-On DVD-ROM drive and the problems with Lite-On recorders and SecuRom new.

thx. I guess i’m going to get one today then from the link in the “bargin basement section”.