Reader for protected Audio CD's?




I'm gonna by a new computer, with a Lite-On 48x rewriter.
I know this writer is very good in reading protected Data-CD's.
And I know this writer can write everything (protected Data and Audio Cd's).
The only thing this writer can't do is READING protected Audio-CD's.

Does anyone know a cd/dvd-rom/writer that can read (all) protected Audio-CD's.

Because such drive would be the perfect match (for copying protected cd's) with the Lite-On writers. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just about any plextor.


I’m probably gonna by a DVD-ROM/WRITER.
Can Plextor DVD-ROM/Writers also read these protected Audio CD’s? Which can be read, which can’t be read?
Any links to reviews…


You mean a combo drive? Check out the mainpage: CDFREAKS
There is a very good review of the Plex combo drive


The PleXCombo PX-320A can handle audio protections such as Key2Audio and CDS200. It fails with CDS100. Note that this hasn’t been tested by myself since I haven’t got any protected audio discs here (yet). When I do I will update the review. The above information comes from CDRInfo. As a side note I can add the PleXCombo is a great drive… Read my review and you’ll know why :wink:


G@M3FR3@K is there a way to download the reviews to a (PDF/TXT/DOC/etc.) file so I can read them relaxed at home.
I have no internet at home!!

If not will it be possible in the future?


G@M3FR3@K, there is nothing about Audio protections in your review, and that’s what I want to know: can this drive read protected audio CD’s??


he posted this in the thread. please read.


As I said the info comes from CDRInfo’s review of the PX-320A. The reviews cannot be download as doc file or zip file. Sorry. I do have the reviews here on my computer but they’re also in HTML format… You’ll have to c&p the review into your own doc :wink: