Reader for DPM, Securom 4.8+ copy, ATIP hide option

Whitch reader do you use for Alcohol DPM measurement? Ist it possible do use normal Toshiba DVD 1702 drive or it is better do use the Liteon CDRW Drive for DPM Measurement?

Some Securom 4.8+ copys are running only in the CDRW Drive other alr running in the toshiba 1702 drive too. The method I used is always the same. Alcohol 120% and twinpeak 0.2. Same selections for all copies. Why are some 4.8+ copies running in the Toshiba 1702 and other only in the CDRW Drive???

The Securom 4.8x copies that are only running in the CDRW drive run without CLONE CD (no atip hide option) installed. No Copy Program on this Computer. I thought clone CD must be installed with atip hide option???

Toshiba drives are much more efficient when reading digital data, so use your Toshi to read yur original.
Lite-ons are not accurate enough to read properly such data.

Good luck!

I have no problems reading dpm with my liteon (40x). Toshiba drives sometimes have problems with twinpeaked discs (usually during installation from backup).

I use my Pioneer DVD-121 drive.

Always a perfect smooth curve with lovely twin peaks, and ZERO spikes, all done at maximu read speed.

Highly recommend this very expensive DVD-Rom, reads all formats, even the dodgy LDW-411S burnt DVD-R discs!!