Reader for backups

ok, what i need is a reader (dont mind if it is just cd or dvd aswell) that will read backups without any problems, and cant read atip. i would like one that will play SafeDisc 3.2/Securom 4.8/5 and most impostantly tages backups. anybody know one that can do this and under about £25, thanks, ben :slight_smile:

liteon 166s/167t, try ebuyer

Gotta be the litey DVD-Roms…the only other option would be a toshiba or Aopen drive, but liteys will handle safedisc, securom and anything else you can throw at them!

so litey dvd roms will play tages backups?

The liteons are very good at reading and lots of times the back up will only work in a liteon dvd rom because of how “unpicky” they are. The toshiba drives are good for seeing how well the burner can burn because if it runs in a specific model toshiba (don’t remember the model number off the top of my head) then it will run in any drive.

U guys, have any idea about the new Liteon DVD ROM 167T? does it can make a good image for the SD3.2?

It’s supposed to have the exact same performance of the other Liteon DVD Roms. It has the same specifications. And I’ve heard from other users that they were satisfied with this drive in all aspects. So it should work just fine. Anyone confirm this?

You’d have to check on it, but i read somewhere in the forums that people were not as happy with the 167T when imaging copy protected games; the preference seemed to be for the 166s over the rest.

what plz say again merther? :wink: