'Reader Digest version' /tutorial of DVD MOVIE Video formats and Image conveters...?


If this needs to be/should be posted elsewhere please educate me.
I have viewed the forums but was a little overwhelmed.

Is there a simple ‘Reader Digest version’ /tutorial of DVD MOVIE Video
formats and Image conveters…?

I understad P2P and torrent downloading.

At the office I have brought down and used many ‘utilities’
(iso, isz, WinRAR, etc… ) and have extracted and/or burnt them to CD/DVD
without issue.

My quesion(s) concern Movie/DVD formats.

Most torrents that I have searched for and put into µtorrent bring down
.avi files.

I have downloaded several image converters [SUPER, AVS, VSO…] that claim to accept Any input file and produce Any output file.

*Specifically, What format do I need to convert to and burn to DVD for
viewing enjoyment!

**More specifically, are there some sites that provide this ultimate format
more than others to the elevate this interim step of conversion all altogether?

Thank you in advance for any input/help!

Assuming you aren’t downloading copyrighted material, there are a number of tools that can convert an AVI to a finished DVD. FAVC, AVStoDVD (not AVS4YOU) and DVDFlick are three free ones that are pretty popular.