Readableness GigaRec and SecuRec media on other drives

Why I can fully read (without any problems) CD-R Proformance 48x (Prodisc 79:59:72) GigaRec 1,4x on my LG GCE-8400B (1.04), but same CD-R medium GigaRec 1,4x + SecuRec NO! Drive not recognize CD and system freeeeez (WinXP Pro SP1).:frowning:

When reading the SecuRec/GigaRec disc in your LG drive, are you using the SecuViewer software?

Yes, I use the SecuViever and CD still not recognized! Same CD without SecuRec (only GigaRec) with same data fully readable.:frowning:

I used 2 new CD media “best quality” Plextor 48x (TY) and made new test. Same data, first CD with GigaRec 1,3x and second CD with GigaRec+SecuRec. Both CD media was fully readable on LG GCE-8400B and also “old” Sony DRX160E. :slight_smile:
Maybe CD-R Proformance is poor quality. :confused:

Could be… Seems so, as the TY discs do work…