Readability of DVD-VR (DVD-RAM) disks

I’m posting here because the RAM format is Panasonic driven. I have the cheap insignia DVD Recorder/VHS combo that can burn -RW discs in the DVD-VR format and give some additional editing features. The problem is that I can’t seem to figure out how to rip it to the computer harddrive once I have completed and finalized the disk. My DVD reader is the BenQ DW1650 and I usually rip with DeCrypter. The drive cannot read the disk. Any ideas? Do I need a special drive to ready this kind of disk?

If it’s a -RW disc, any drive can read it, but only specific software will be able to read VR format. PowerDVD will. As to ripping, all you need to do is copy the files off the disc, there should be 3.

Depending on what you need to do with the discs on the PC, you’ll need software that can import VR format. If it’s a single recording session and you don’t need to keep chapters and the like, you can simply re-name the VRO file as an MPG, and import it into any authoring program. But if you have edited the disc on the recorder, or it contains multiple sessions, you need specific software to read it correctly.

CloneDVD2 reads the DVD+RW VR disks that I use in my Insignia recorder. I don’t have any DVD-RWs to try, sorry…


Rusty, the insignia recorder that I have can only format -RW discs as -VR.

I have it recording the Squidbillies marathon with no chapter markings, so it should end up as one big file that I can open with cutterman and delete the commercials, is that correct? Any ideas on how I can break out each episode so it shows up as a seperate title after I clean it up?

If you get what you want in the file after re-naming to .mpg, then you can treat it as you would any mpg. Any editing program can slice it up into the separate episodes, or just use an authoring program to insert chapters in the appropriate spots. If you are able to create the VR disc with all the separate episodes as separate sessions, then some authoring tools will import the VR discs and translate all that info to a DVD-Video format. A lot really depends on the tools you have and the discs themselves. Not all DVD-VR is created equal, some of these machines create stuff that no other machine can read. :sad: .

I have an Insignia DVD Recorder/VHS combo. Model No. NS-DRVCR. I guess it does both -VR as well as +VR. Can anyone tell me what the difference is? I have not gotten around to using any - (minus) format discs yet. Just been using some freebie +RW discs I got from Amazon a couple of years ago. Works great so far! I remember reading in the manual that you could also set it to do DVD-VIDEO witout the VR stuff.


Sorry guys!
I think I may have been mistaken on the +VR stuff. I went back and looked to see what was different on my DVD+RW discs. Besides the usual VIDEO_TS folder there was A VIDEO_RM folder. Not exactly sure what the RM stuff is? Anyway I took another look at the manual and it only mentions -VR mode and DVD-VIDEO.

smata67, Sorry I wasted your time…


Well guys,
When I put A DVD+RW that I recorded in my Insignia unit into a stand alone dvd player, it was identified as a DVD+VR. So I guess maybe it does record both -VR and +VR. Anyone else?


Hi, I have a Panasonic DVD RAM/±RW/±R Recorder with Freeview and a 160GB HDD, I have it connected to digital satellite TV and after recording a TV program recently and then trying to convert to .AVI files on my PC I was faced with this same problem, none of my DVD players would accept it as a DVD format and so would not play the files, I transfered the files by simply copying them to a new folder and could simply play the main (large size file) using VideoLan Player (VLC Player), but these files really troubled windows evplorer which kept crashing my computer due to the heavy workload and stress it was causing when trying to convert the files to .AVI. Well I have found an answer to my problem and I thought I would post it here.
First I was using RW DVD’s to transport the DVD files from my Recorder to my PC, this therein lied the problem, I have just recently bought 10 DVD-RW disks because my old (About 5 years) DVD +RW disks were looking a bit worn, and when I put them into the DVD recorder it immediately started to initialize the disk into DVD-V format,( there is an option to use DVD-V or DVD-VR), and then when I copy the files to DVD and put into PC this problem arose. The problem was that this only occurs when DVD-RW disks are used when a DVD+RW is used the files produced are the same as any other DVD that I create on my PC.
This has solved a lot of grief for me and I hope it will help others too. RGK.