Read-Write v. Burn

I’m a newbie so here goes…

I have a LiteOn 48x24x48 CDRW. I am running Win XP Pro. I have run into the problem of not being able to do a read-write CD. It always burns onto the CD. I have been using the “drag and drop” method. Is this a burner issue, media issue, or Windows issue? Any solutions?

The drive is less than 6 months old. Any help would be MOST appreciated!

sorry if I don’t understand correctly, but if I understand, you are wanting to make a CD that works like a floppy disk. is this correct?

i don’t understand what a “read-write” cd is supposed to be.

i am not sure how to do anything:confused: but only want to no how to burn CDs. if anybody wants to help me ,i will really like it.

What about Nero’s INCd ?

yep…that is what he means…
(packet writing)

but those programs use to give lots of problems…that is why i don’t use them any more.

but perhaps the latest version are better.


perhaps a stupid remark,you use cdrw don’t you??

The newest version of INCD (
has run very well on my system. Worth a shot for him, if that is indeed what he is talking about.


Re-writables are meant to be used over and over, whereas recordables are used to meant to written once.

You are using the built in method to burn cd’s with Win XP correct?
or are you using seperate software?? With cd-rw, you can format them and start all over again on the cd and put something else on it.

When can help you, What do you wish to know.