READ - WRITE, too large

I used Blindwrite to read a DVD+RW that contains only 3.8G of data.
It successfully skipped the bad sectors (written by my Philips DVDR985).
But now it won’t write the image back out again because it says it’s too large :sad:

Blindwrite seems the only tool to read this damaged disk, nothing else I’ve tried got past the CRC error that Windows XP reports while copying the files. :clap:

I just wish I could write it back out after reading it…

Hi there,

Have you ever used Daemon Tools ?

Daemon Tools will create a Virtual DVD Drive on your PC.

Then you can MOUNT an image file, and it will make your system look like you just loaded that CD/DVD Media in the virtual drive.

Mount your BW image with Daemon Tools, then copy the stuff from that drive to your Hard Drive.

ISOBuster might be helpful in read the data off.

Hi there,

Can ISOBuster open Blindwrite v5 and v6 images ?

I never used ISOBuster :disagree:


Sounds like I ran into the same problem as you.

I have reported it here, so VSO is aware of the problem.

I am waiting for a developper to comment on the issue.