Read/Write Subchannel on normal CDs - bad?




I am backing up NWN and I know the Play CD has the new securerom protection. I am not sure about the other 2 CDs.


  1. If read/write subchannel boxs are ticked while backing up a normal CD, will there be any problems?

  2. Does anyone know if the installation discs of NWN are copy-protected?



[ol][li]No this shouldn’t effect the back-up.
[/li][*]Perhaps you can scan the disc with ClonyXXL?[/ol]Ps. no need to cross post.


Clony doesnt detect New Securerom apparently, well, not when I tried it!


No I’ve read the same reports. You’re right. Perhaps YaPS will do a better job?


Of course it can’t.

Securom often has dll’s hidden inside a packed executable, so that you won’t be able to scan for it until it’s installed.