Read & Write Speeds



What is the best speed?


Read speeds are pretty much set.

For writing DVD’s it should be half the rate the disc is made for, though with the new burners and media that is getting raised to 3/4 of what they are rated for.

For CD’s I go with the 3/4 of rated speed.

Just MY Opinion


They are cd’s. I think the puter has 4x 8x 32x speeds. 52x on the disc.


I would probably go with the 32X myself, never go the 52X IMHO

It would also go with the type of media, I usually stick with Verbatim as far as CD’s go for longer lasting disc.


I’d go with the 32x offered, same as Bean. :slight_smile:

As a rule, these are the speeds I use for CD-R (although if it’s really crappy media, this is subject to change :p) - 16x for audio, 32x for data. I’m quite surprised 16x wasn’t an option offered to you.


It’s 8x 16x 24x


In that case, 16x or 24x should do you. You never did mention the drive model…is it fairly recent (last few years), or a slightly more elderly drive?


It’s a Dell Insperion 6000D. About 5 years old. I will have to look for the drive model.