Read & write error for DVD-R using internal DVD-RW as external & using NERO

I recently converted internal dual layer DVD writer to external. DVD writer is from Philips with NERO software. I have written 3 DVD-R :slight_smile: but 3 failed also :-(.

Read error:
The external (converted) drive couldn’t read/recognise the DVD-R written by my friend using dvd shrink + nero (media is PRINCO). Same dvd can be played in my (stand alone) dvd player. Other DVD reader (internal) can read it. Why can’t my drive read this DVD? Once it was able to read and I started DVD copy using nero. But it gave error after reading about 60% of DVD. Why is it happening?

Write/burn error:
3 DVD’s that I written are 2 data DVD (using nero) and 1 DVD movie (using the combination of dvd shrink and nero).

3 DVD’s that failed are 1 data dvd (using nero) and 2 dvd movie (same movie failed 2 times, using the combination of dvd shrink and nero). Out of 3 times, it was in “hanging” state once and I had to kill the process.

DVD’s always fail after 99% is written, as I can see in the window. Can anyone suggest any remedy for this?

Also it took me at least 2-3 hours to burn 4+GB of data. Movie encoding+burning (using dvd shrink and nero) took as much as 8 hours. I don’t know why it is so slow.

Thanks in advance for all comments and help.

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