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Ive Read that CDwriters SHOULD read in every case certain TOC sections. They should be Q to W. But, of course , I cant find information at liteon or at data sheets.
If anybody knows, which writer supports this (Q to W), I would glad about his posting!

Thnx Jens

I would like to know which writer(s) can read and write the full Lead-In and Lead-Out of a CD.

Does anyone know why the most reader/writers can’t read/write the Lead In/Out??

Some can read both Lead-In and Lead-Out but always it’s just a few sectors and not the full stuff.

I don’t know and can’t figure it out. Some help please.

The TOC (Table Of Contents) identifies the start position and length of the tracks on a disc. The TOC is present on all CDs. If it weren’t, the disc would be unreadable on a CD player or CD-ROM drive. CD recorders write the TOC as part of "finalizing the disc.

A “directory” is a list of files. Audio tracks don’t have files, so they don’t have directories either.

The CD specification defines the TOC, and there are well-defined standards for certain filesystems, but nothing in the CD spec requires that you fill a data track with a certain kind of data.

Your “W” and “Q” are sub-channels.

The 96 subchannelbytes per Sectors are divided into channels, “P”, “Q”, “R”, “S”, “T”, “U”, “V”, and “W”.

I think normal TOCs only use “P” and “Q” subchannels of the leadin. The mainchannel of every lead in should be padded with zero. CD-Text is IIRC stored in R-W subchannels of the leadin.

thx thats a great help!

Does this mean if my recorder supports DAO96, that it can write all subchannelbytes and copy any disc?

you got a link where this is explained? currently i think lead in includes toc which includes subch. bytes. but i don’t really know.

if i want a 1:1 copy. is this possible with todays recorders?
or are they still “cheating” to simulate a 1:1 copy?

cheers jens.

Try this
or this