Read time too long



I bought DVD fab and I’m running version at the min.
When I got this programme firat, it was so quick to give perfect backups but recently I have had to wait up to an hour to read the DVD then another 10 mins to write.
I have not changed any settings in the programme except the destination files and I turn off all unnessary programmes in task manager including my AVG antivirus.
My specs are: Athlon 2000+, 1GB ram,NEC DVD RW ND 3550A, Pioneer dvd rom 117. I use Verbatum DVD+R 4.7GB.

I also have the problem that when I start up Windows Media player version 11.0 the CSS+Region free ‘buy now’ splash screen appears and I have to press exit twice before Media player starts up. I had a trial version of this programme which I uninstalled ages ago.
Any help would be great because I think this is a great programme.


Hi Dreddfan and welcome to the forum. You may have tried to read a disc with lots of errors and windows may have reset the drive from DMA to PIO, making it much slower. Try clicking the “Reset DMA” button in Common Settings–General and see if that sets things back to normal.


Windows Media Player 11 caused me a lot of problems so I went back to Ver 10 and the problems went away, just telling about my short time with 11 if it means anything. Agree with Paul sounds like PIO instead of DMA


So true! WMP11=:Z nothing but trouble here.


Me also tith the Media Player. Only took me about an hour to see I didn’t like it at all.