Read this



PLease obey:

[i][b] <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>There are not many rules, but we expect you to obey the rules we have. Our most important one is:
The Language here is English. From now on no Dutch anymore. English only. Dutch topics will be closed or deleted (if not in Dutch forum that is). Messages in English AND Dutch are allowed.

If you’re a Dutch dealer and you wish to advertise in the Advertisements forum you can do that on two ways:

  1. In plain English
  2. In Dutch, but then you have to include the words [DUTCH ONLY] in you topic so it’s clear for everyone…

Furthermore we have:

Don’t spam
Post in the appropriate forum
Don’t post multiple messages (Only press the Submit button once)
Don’t start flaming
Keep the messageboard a fun place to be
Next, I don’t want to see any money making or referral crap like “you get rich if you do this or that or whatever… and please use me as referral”. That sux… find another place to advertise.

Any violation of these rules can result in deleting of a portion or the entire message or deletion of your account, maybe resulting in a ban…

And finally a special note to dealers about the Dealer Experiences forum. If we ever find a dealer which advertised his business using a fake name we will notify it to everybody so you will lose much more customers than you have gained! Because fake advertising is extremely lame!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>[/b][/i]

Thank you

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That’s it folks
Plz take care of these rules or you will …


Just bring it on top again…

it doesn’t matter if you are not the greatest english writer on earth…remember your teacher isn’t here

but we have rules [not much so come on]obey is the main word.


Yeah that rule about posting in english as pissin me off quite a bit, cause theres too many dutch posts, damn hard to find stuff in english.

Hush little baby don’t say a word
And never mind that voice you heard
it’s just the beast under your bed
in your closet, in your head


dutch only:

kunnen jullie ook zón regelement in het nederlands maken
is wat makkelijker te begrijpen!


comon, this is a public forum, if you wanna speak dutch goto to dutch forum


For ENGLISH People!!!,

I Agree,

The rulez are made so that this forum dont look like a trashcan…

Voor Nederlanders!!!,

Ik ben er mee eens,

De wetten zijn gemaakt, zodat de forum niet op een afvalbak gaat lijken…




Just behave and obey the rulez…

topic closed