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if there’s one forum where should be posted in english but everybody is still posting in Dutch than it’s this forum (Ads & Requests)…

I’ll stress it one more time: FROM NOW ON ENGLISH ONLY!!!

If you’re a dutch dealer and you only sell in dutch you just include [DUTCH ONLY] in your topic and THEN you are allowed to post in Dutch. But if you post in Dutch and you don’t have that included in your topic your advertisement/request will be deleted PERMANENT.

Everybody agree ?
To make it clear I also added a RULES link on the top left on every forum.


just getting the topic back to the top
(i am allowed to do that )


Yes, Duke you are completely right, if everybody start to sell in his own language that would cause some serious mindbraking.

So everybody, supply the title of your topic with the kind of language u use if it isn’t english

No hard Feelings