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hope to have full attention
i've changed some rules of this forum...

first of all, i want all messages to be ENGLISH! Bad or good English, I don't care, as long as it is English. You can also post in English AND (Fill in any other language), but English has to be in your post. This way no more language crap will be going on I hope. Enlish is clear to all of us and if you don't understand English... eh... well... GO LEARN IT OR SOMETHING but don't bug me about it...

Next, I don't want anymore of that F@%$cking referral shit like "hey... this could make you rich... if you sign on, please use me as referral" or anything like that. Those messages SUCK! I will delete them instantly and if you keep posting them i'll ban you. This is supposed to be a serious board you know

Next I was thinking of some funnies names
Now we have:
Administrator, Member, Junior Member
but I want to change these names to somethinig more cooler
Like, Junior Member could be Newbee for example...
Any cool suggestions are welcome

Well... that about covers it...


Your right, it’s better to write in English. In this way everybody can understand wath’s goin’ on and I believe that’s the meaning of all this.

You wanted some funny names, well I’ve got some:
Administrator : The Housekeeper
Member : Lefthand
Junior member : Freshman

Keep the good work goin’



Administrator = Freak Lord
member = SuperFreak
Junior member = Freak

Dus we moeten voortaan in engels posten…

  • So, we have to post in English nowdays…
    Dan moet ik ff omschakelen
  • Then I just have to switch
    En we moeten serious worden,
  • And we have to become serious,
    dat gaat nog een moeilijk opgave worden
  • That’s going to be hard
    Maar we gaan het proberen.
  • But we’re going to try it.


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you don’t have to be serious
you can also post rubbish…
as long as it’s in english and it’s no referral shit


I think it’s a good thing to only accept posts in English. It will be available to more people which attracts more expertise.
And personally I’m glad that the referral stuff is banned, cause I hated opening posts containing those messages.



About time Duke,… pleased to see that someone was keeping an eye on what has been going on…
can´t think of any funnies, as everytime you lose the forum and come back, im back to a junior member, so what ever you chose i guess i will always be at the bottom of the stack…

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I’d vote for freak/superfreak, etc for the names. I’d REALLY HATE to be called a freshman or a newbie, quite insulting.
And how does one graduate from a junior member anyway?
Agree with English, thanks, Duke.


And seeing as I never officially learnt Dutch it is far easier to read English.


Hey Urbanski,
to become a Member from Junior member the only thing you have to do is post enough!!!
And… I think Freak Lord, Superfreak and that kind of names really SUCK!!! Is that all you know???
C Ya… around at… maybe CdFreaks… tomorrow or something?!?


Mie very glad you inglisch choose ! You’re right, man. Let’s make this forum more international.
MEMBER: slave
junior MEMBER: maiden


Thanks Duke I agree english is a universal lanuage so use it and for those don’t use it read the bloody rules… I was under the impression that this is a forum for everyone, so use english and keep it that way.


Oh ya! English make sense to me. Even bad english makes sense…


MEMBER: Semi-hard
junior MEMBER: Softy

ignore my being a retard…jus amusing myself
how bout this:

ADMINISTRATOR: MityMouse! (thats me!)
MEMBER: Sorta Weak Mouse
junior MEMBER: Weak Ass Mouse


What about these :

Administrator = Royal with cheese
member = Big Mac
Junior member = Hamburger



This link will lead to a French/German/Spanish/Portugese/Italian to english and back again translator. It works really well.

If you post the link maybe it will help some of our non-english speaking friends to converse better.


How 'bout:

Admin: Pimp
Member: John
Junior Member: Whore


Oh kut!

  • Oh fuck!
    Gaan we alles in het Nederlands typen en vertalen?
  • Are we going to translate all Dutch in to Englisch
    Kunnen je dan geen Nederlandse room maken ofzo?
  • Couldn’t you make Dutch room or something?
    Want dit zuigt zeer en schopt helemaal geen kont!
  • Because this sucks en doesn’t kick any ass at all!
    Ik heb gesproken…
  • I’ve spoken…
  • Greetz…

I’m back and bad as shit!

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