Read strategy change, is it possible?

First, Hello World! :slight_smile:

This is my first post, so welcome everybody. I have a question, is it possible to change READ (not write) strategy for liteon 1653s drive from CAV to P-CAV? So the drive would begin read at 6x (as for 16x if i remember speed hack, or even more than 7x as for latest Codeking speed hack 18x) and when it reaches 8x (or x12 if somebody wants) it would slow down (i mean only motor).

It is showed in Codeking post:
“LiteOn Ultra Fast Burn Patch (12x burn < 6:30) (16x burn < 5:45)”
on the first image, in the first post, but it is for writing, so average speed is 7,54 not 6,13 as now for standard read strategy for 8x speed.

I know about read speed change in omnipatcher, but it makes so many errors while reading discs at the end at 12x or 16x so the drive still slows down and speeds up. Now drive (without speed hack) starts at a little more than 3x and reach 8x only at the end of disc. Average speed is really low (around 6x), so changing read strategy could really increase average speed, decrease read time of the DVD and this would not make so many errors. Am i right?

But is it possible? I don’t know.