Read speeds dramatically improved! What do you think?

DAE goes abnormally, very slow except with the occasional disc, when it goes full speed. My regular audio software exibits medium, but never fast performance. DAE written for the BenQ at goes shockingly fast.

DVD-Shrink with BenQ goes slower than with Sony, LG, and other brands when reading. On the occasional disc, it can pull in 4 gigs in under 5 minutes as a surprise.

Nero CD-DVD speed quality test turns in 1.07 to 1.32x; however, CD-DVD speed written for BenQ at goes at incredibly fast speeds.

Nero CD-DVD speed, old version without BenQ support, also goes at full speeds on discs that have no write strategy support inside the BenQ. Discs that have the write strategy support are the only ones that turn in the 1x speeds with the older version of CD-DVD speed.

We have 3 cases of software-not-supporting-hardware here.
It seems that the BenQ may be capable of the same fast read speeds as their closest competitors.

I smell a mouse.
What do you think?

Is this a poll??

It is a poll, and your opinion is needed.

I started this to improve awareness of the issue, and hopefully gain additional software support for the Phillips/BenQ products. What do you think?