Read speed


This is probably an easy question;

Backing up a Karioke CD using CCD 4 (latest build as of 5/28/02)
Cd reader 24x Plextor burner
Cd writer 24x plextor burner

(yes, 2 burners)

I am setting the reading and writing speed to max.
I use Audio + Multimedia CD profile.

When I make a back up “on the FLY” the entire process is slowed to approx 10x

I discovered the problem is reading from the CD. If I choose to copy to the HD first, reading is done at
a little under 10 x but writes it at 24x. why is this happening?

Why is it reading so slow?

it writes fine

I decided to post this in the Plextor forum but couldn’t delete this one.

they are probably on the same IDE channel ? that would explain the first situation, methinks. duno about why its slow reading otherwise, though…mysterious.