Read speed question

Running Win 98/Win2000, KT7A RAID board w/1.4GZ Athlon, 256RAM, 100ATA drives, Teac W516EB recorder and Acer 56X CD-Rom. Each CD device is on a separate IDE channel as a master, no slave devices.

Nero tells me that my maximum read speed is 8x for audio recording. It ends up taking roughly 15 minutes to record a DAO audio disc at 16X setting. I could do that with my old Sony 4x.

Is this Teac CD-R junk or is the Acer CD-Rom junk or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for any assistance.

Ken Collier

ken, did you make sure that DMA is enabled in the device manager properties for your cd drives?

i had a simular problem when i got my new pc, the DMA has to be enabled on these newer faster drives, but it isn’t enabled by default. check it out and let me know

DAO is enabled. I’ve run Nero CD Speed tests and it shows the folowing for the CD-Rom:
Transfer rate
Average 9.73x
Start 10.18x
End 10.05x
Reading type P-CAV

DAE quality
Score 10
Accurate stream No

Seek times
Random 252 ms
1/3 Seek 258 ms
Full 647 ms

CPU usage
1X 14%
2X 23%
4X 40%
8X 82%

Compare that with CD-R (below) and I’m guessing I need a better CD-Rom. Should never have given my son the Panasonic!!
Transfer rate
Average 28.01x
Start 18.14x
End 32.15x
Reading type P-CAV

DAE quality
Score 10
Accurate stream Yes

Seek times
Random 82 ms
1/3 Seek 82 ms
Full 157 ms

CPU usage
1X 3%
2X 5%
4X 10%
8X 18%

Ken there’s a good site that has test results for many cd roms and cdr drives. im not sure if I’m allowed to post websites here, so I sent it to your personal mail… check it out and compare your own results

Originally posted by jOdsTer
im not sure if I’m allowed to post websites here

You can post links to websites, as long as it isn’t spam

Links to direct downloads that are illegal are not allowed, but linking to a website where you can find the particular file is allowed…

in that case here is the site i was refering too, it has test results posted for various
cd drives i saw the teac drive there but not the acer

thanks for the input Da_Taxman

OK everyone, Jody has shown me the error of my ways. The Acer CD-Rom is a piece of $%&@!!

Everyone who can’t burn DAE like they want should look at the Nero list he pointed out. Makes me wish I hadn’t given my son the True-X. (He’s coming home tomorrow and I’m talking it back.)

Peace to all who cross this path,
Ken Collier