Read speed problem

reading speed of my px708a FW:1.09 is like very very low… it goes up to 6x when it reads dvd-s… i dont know what could be the probem… udma is on, everything is correcty connected… please help
(i got that same problem on my toshiba sd-m1912 - reading speed too low)

DMA is enabled for your drive but is it also enabled for your hard disks (or aren’t you copying to your hard disk?). Since your Toshiba has the same problem I think it’s safe to rule out a problem with your Plextor. Installed any new drivers recently? Could you post your system details? Thanks and welcome to the forum!

thx for ur welcome…
system detalis huh…

Abit KV7
Mobile Athlon Xp 2400+ @ 2.2ghz (overclocked)
Seagate ST3120026A
2 x 512MB Corsair DDR400
Radeon 8500LE
Plextor PX-708A FW:1.09
Toshiba SD-M1912 FW:TM01
Windows XP SP2

system is fine… i think… dunno what could be anything else… i downloaded newest via SP and that didnt help either…

maximum transfer rate by nero is 3mb-s (reading) … writing is fine…
i tried nero dvd speed and for both devices are same numbers… start speed: 2.63x maximum speed: 6.11 average speed: 3 and something (dont remember well)

few days ago i put clean install Windows XP with SP2 …

here is the picture… awful slow and laggy…

and toshiba (bought few days ago-brand new) … better but still problem… (i used sam dvd disc for test)

I don’t see much wrong with the Toshiba read speed. I don’t know what this drive’s rated speed is for DVD+R media but the graph is pretty smooth. The Plextor PX-708A seems to be struggling with the media which, to me, indicates a problem with the disc. Have you checked if the disc is damaged or smudged? Have you tried other discs (preferably high quality discs, just burned)? I see you overclocked your system which might also explain the problem. Overclocking a system can also influence the performance of your drives. Have you tried running the system on stock speeds? Good luck!

yes… i tried on stock speed… yes i tried all sorts of discs… and same graph is showing every time i start test… btw. this is same disc i tested on toshiba and plextor…

I have just checked the specs for your Toshiba SD-M1912 and it can only read DVDR media at 6x max so its performance is the best you can get. I’m still thinking the problem is related to the media because the Toshiba drive could simply be a better reader when it comes to reading damaged discs. Have you tried reading pressed DVD-Video discs? The Toshiba should then be able to reach higher speeds (and so should your Plextor). You said you’ve recently installed SP2, did you also install the latest drivers for your VIA chipset? Let us know.

jep i installed latest via SP … you say dvd-video discs… what are they?

Factory pressed shiny round discs with movies and stuff on them, sold in retail stores and online.

you mean dual layer dvd movies?

I think by “Pressed” he means,disk’s you rent or buy!!As in movies or cd’s that you purchase.