Read Speed Patch for ND-4550A?

I have the Mad Dog version of the ND-4550A and I flashed it with Liggy’s RPC1 Bitsetting 1.07 NEC firmware.

I noticed that both with this firmware and the original Mad Dog firmware, the reading of dual layer discs (original and burned on Verbatim DVD+R DL) was slower than my Plextor PX-716A.

I think I read that this does not have Rip-Lock like some of the earlier NEC Drives, but I used Media Speed Code Edit and I opened Liggy’s modded firmware and checked the “increase read speed” box and wrote it to a new firmware, which I subsequently burned.

There was no increase in read speed, and if anything maybe a slight decrease. Curious - I decided to do a binary file compare of the two files and I found that the speed patched changed 10 bytes:

the string “VIDEO_TS” in the original firmware was changed to “FASTFAST” and there were two more bytes at a higher address that were changed also, but they were extended ASCII characters.

Does “FASTFAST” tell older NEC Drives to read DVD-Video discs at the same speed as data discs?

Also, I noticed that the speed edit program does not allow changes to the speed settings for the various media. Is this because the support of the NEC ND-4550A is realatively new in this program?

The 4550 drive is not riplocked so changing VIDEO_TS to FASTFAST won’t make any difference.
Media type is a different matter though.
RIPLOCK is only used on Pressed DVD-VIDEO discs on any NEC drive. The read speed is set by the media type. DVD R 16x, DVD RW 12x, DVD R DL 8x.
No one has found a way to speed up the read speed of recordable media.

Thanks for the confirmation.

I was achieving 12X max speed with DVD+R DL discs on my Plextor PX-716A, so I was surprised to see I could only get 8X Max on the NEC drive. I suppose it varies with the drive manufacturer also…