Read speed only 12x after OC

I have just got myself a 32125W drive. After getting it fixed on Seconday IDE master. I flash the drive to VS02.bin. In Nero Info Tools, it only shows read speed of 12x and write speed of 40x. Why is it so?

On top, it shows E:\ Lite-On LTR48125W. So, I guess no problem with the flashing. But read and write speed of only 12x and 40x respectively. What could be the problem?

Like I’ve said zillions of times before:

To get the highest readspeed shown: insert a data or music disc that the Lite-On supports reading at full speed before starting the program.

To get the highest writespeed shown: insert an empty disc that the Lite-On supports writing at full speed before you start the program. with vs01 firmware this is only 2-3 types of discs with vs02 it’s 4-5 types of discs.

Sorry, just read your post in anothet thread.

Another problem now, I upgraded straight from 32125W drive. Now I can’t read any CD with Explorer/My Computer by double clicking the drive’s icon. I still manage to read it using Nero5582 file browser. Any idea?

Yes, you are using windows XP. Known XP problem…that I’ve not found a solution for so far. Hope that SP1 will fix it.

If you are not running win XP…it’s very strange.

Do all these problems happened only with an overclocked drives? Or it is the same in original 48125W?

Thank you very much OC-Freak!

It may happen with all drives regardless of brand and type.

You may try to remove the ide channel where the drive is connected and then reboot and let winxp reinstall everything by itself, sometimes that works.


The problem is not related to the drive speed. I had a similar problem. This is what I do (it’s better than having to reboot).

Close Win Explorer / My Computer

Minimize any open windows and click on an empty area of the desktop.

Press F5 a few times. Then reopen Explorer. Reads OK now.

The above works for me in both XP and Win 2000. I’m not sure if it will solve your problem.

Weird, I don’t have this problem with my previous CDRW drive from AOpen.

Thanks anyway for all your helps.