Read speed limitation under nero

Hi all,

I’ll try to explain what i saw on Nero. Last time I’ve tried the speedtest using only “determine maximum speed” in nero burning window as the picture below :

So the test begin and I saw that speed for read speed ( the file burned is on the HD ) :

I try on another PC (under win XP) and it was 201x so the real HD speed. Does anyone have already test and correct this problem ???

I precise : OS : WIN2000 both HD and CD are on 80 pins UDMA cable, NERO version, burner LITEON 4012S

Make sure your hard drive is in UDMA Mode and not PIO

I forget to say this point both HD and CD are on UDMA.

HD is on UDMA 5 and Burner on UDMA 2. DMA is activated.

I don’t know what happen. If you can test it by your side and say me if you have the same result, maybe it can help me a little bit, because we can compare both configuration.

I have experienced the same thing on my Windows 2000 box (NTFS filesystem), right down to the exact 26.5x (3975 KB/s) reading speed figure. Like you, all drives have UDMA properly enabled, and testing the cache speed with Nero Burning Rom shows, as expected, a 250x transfer rate from the hard drive. Also, testing transfer rate speeds with CD Speed shows no problems, and there are not any problems with actual burning.

This appears to be a bug in Nero.


So it’s appear to be a bug in Nero, but does it really change the burn speed ? Because the last time I tried to burn a 700Mo CDR, I spend about 4min at 40x ( including leadin leadout ). On different bench I saw that it normally take less than 2min. :confused:

Originally posted by SURTOUT
On different bench I saw that it normally take less than 2min. :confused:
No CD burner can burn 700 MiBytes in less than 2 minutes if you clock the entire burn process. A 40x burn ought to take about 3:30 - 3:40 or so depending on the burner. Check this sticky post in this forum for how to view real-time burning speed in Nero: