Read speed hack for new 167 firmware?

Hey codeguys- I know you’re busy with the NEC quality mod, but are there any plans to release modded firmware for the new 9S16 firmware for the SOHD-167T released in the past week?

C0deKing’s been busy with the quality mod. I’ve just gotten back from vacation and am settling back in. Once I get back into the groove of things, I’ll patch 9S16. And do some much-needed updates to OP (like fixing the problem of not displaying the +R9 codes in BS0C).

9S16 for the SOHD-167T has been patched.

Thanks Code. Much appreciated as always.:bow:

Can anyone please post the patched 9S16 here, can’t get it from the site, thanks alot

The server may be down because of the planned (and constantly being rescheduled) relocation, in which case, it’ll be gone for only a day or two.