Read/ripping problem after firmware update

Hi there , im new at this site and first i have to say congrats to the owners of this site !! its great.

Well now i got a problem after updating my NEC 2500A v1.06 to v.107b5(herrie’s).

1)Before i flashed my firmware my burner read at like 8x speed (10+mb/s) but after the flashhing to 107b5 it read like a max of 3.3x speed , how is this possible or what is wrong ?

2)Second of all ive put an original dvd into my drive (hollow man) and normally powerdvd v5.0 start automaticly and plays it with no problem (software region-free?). But now it asks me to choose a region and i have like 5 times to do so , what happened ? cuz i thought using the new firmware would fix it?

3)I’ve burned an image at max speed on Nashua 4x dvd-r blanc disks, after flashing the firmware it burns the first minute at 4.2x(normal) after that it jumps up to 6.3x max , is this normal/okay ? (using dvddecrypter)

Thanks in advance for your help my burning friends !


First question: Check drive’s UDMA settings in Control Panel-System-HW-Device Manager

This is answer of your second question.

About the third one: The firmware you flashed allows speed up for some media, so, I think it’s completely normal.

Thx DVD Boost , but the thing is i dont see the option (tap) for UMDA settings , but i know what u mean. i guess i hafta check my bios like i had to do with my new hdds also… mayby that would fix it…

anway im still troubled with the region setting , i thought the new firmware would disable the regionlock but when i was trying to find the UDMA settings i saw that i can only change my region for only 1 time now :frowning: . can i fix that still ?? oohhhhh didnt see that link heheh sowwy :wink: