READ quality Toshiba 1712 w/hacked firmware?

Hi everybody,

I have a Toshiba 1712 DVD-ROM with hacked firmware, i.e. the speed lock is removed. I am VERY IMPRESSED with the performance, but I wonder if the quality of the read is affected by the high speed?

Should I use my Lite-on 812 w/USON to do my reads if my concern is quality?

For everyday reading, it should be fine- AFAIK the drive will just reread/slow itself down for any part of the disc that it can’t read on the first pass. You could try using DVD Decrypter in ISO read mode on a burned DVD movie as a test- the program reports read errors and shows the ripping speed in realtime. For error reporting, you should be using a burner anyway.

Oh cool I’ll try that and report back.

By the way I read the exact same DVD on my Toshiba and my Lite-on using DVDshrink…Toshiba was 4,301,516 KB and the Lite-on was 4,301,518 KB. Did the Toshiba miss 2KB of data???

Tried both with DVDdecrypter…zero read errors on both. The Toshiba was all over the place slowing way down in a few areas…I think you’re right that it rereads stuff it missed the first time.