Read Problems (Help)

Here is the scenario. I have burned a few ISO’s and or BIN / CUE files to CD and on some CDRoms the disks appear to be corrupt.

For instance when an install looks for a particular file for the install it says the file cannot be found, but in a different CDRom it may not have any trouble.

I have a LiteOn 40125S with the latest firmware. I have tried it with the latest 40125S firmware and with the hacked 48x firmaware with the same results.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated as this is very annoying.

What ISOs were they? Like were they of data, games, music, etc. And where did you get them? Like from P2P?

Your problem isn’t hardware, or the burning software your using, unless you using some really bad ones that burn ISOs. Its your ISO itself. Unless they are read by your own writer, made into an ISO, then burnt; I would just guess your dled ISO is corrupted. If it is your own, I don’t understand why its an ISO, unless your not using CloneCD (I hope not), and it has copy protections.

Ok, lets just say I had backups of software that I have. They are in the BIN/CUE format.

I know the burnt CD’s are not corrupt, otherwise they would not work in some CDRoms and not others.

The software installed perfect on one PC, but would not install on another. This has happened on 2 or 3 different PC’s, not just the one.

Is there a problem with older CDRoms reading what I am burning?

Well, how old? Like 4x? Even those kinds of CD-Roms should read these CDs ok. I say try changing cdr media and burn speed.

I have tried at different burn speeds and still get the same result.

Could media work in one PC and not another?

If that is possible, what media is best to use? I have heard the gold ones are better, but didn’t know color made a difference.

A friend of mine has the LiteOn 38x burner and he is experiencing the very same trouble.

Here are my PC specs just in case that has anything to do with it.

ASUS A7V-133
AMD 1.2 Ghz
ATA 100 20gig
ATA 133 80gig
512 MB Ram
ASUS GeForce 2 GTS
Windows XP Corp.