Read Problem

Hey guys… I have a BTC 1004.

My mate has a 3 year old kid that’s a bit rough with his PS2 games. He asked me to back up a couple of his most used games. They copied fine.

Then he bought another game for the kid & asked me to make another backup. This time the disc wouldn’t read… it just span in the drive until I took it out. I thought it was some copy protection on it, but determined to find out I asked him to bring back the 1st disc I backed up for him… That wouldn’t read either.

I have no problems reading other media… I know it’s probably wrong but hey the kid can trash a cheap DVD rather than the original.

Any ideas?


what backup sofware are you using? ps2 games normally have no protection, is it dvd format or cd format? there are some games on normal cd ( nhl 2002 )


It’s not the software… Even when I stick the game in as the PC is booting up it just spins with the drive light flickering.

The machine stalls at IDE Detection until I take the game out, Then it boots up no probs.

is it also the same, when you give the game in the drive after finish booting???

Yep… :confused:

have you tried to use a software, which sets your dvd region and copyprotection free, like anydvd in combination with your backupsoftware.

i had a similar problem with a dvd movie, with anydvd it worked fine, it´s maybe the same with ps2 game.

Nope still no luck…

what game is it? i will try to get it, maybe the same effect on my drive.

It’s not any individual game… All PS2 media wont read :a

i also had the exact same problem with the same writer all i did was went to the frimware page on this site and download v43 firmware i know its lower but it reads everything and trust me it works gald i could help cheers