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I recently got a DVD-ROM about three weeks ago (ASUS E616P2) and everything was fine and dandy. Now the past week or so all of a sudden it’s having problems recognizing DVD’s. When I put the DVD in, the drive will just blink and if I try and start up DVD Decryptor, or My Computer they lock up and stop responding. Could my DVD-ROM be that dirty all ready from ripping DVD’s? I have a screen shot of the DVD Decryptor error. Thanks!

Bump!.. Help!.. my DVD-ROM dead?

Looks like a media problem.

You could exchange the IDE cable or test the drive in another environment/computer anyway.

I don’t think it’s a media problem because these pressed DVD’s work fine in my other drive…

Use Windows system restore to revert to an older windows configuration. Go back about one month, before the new drive.

I can’t because of a recent format. Plus what would that do to help solve the problem?