Read Problem with GSA-H21L DVD-writer

I have an HP computer that all of a sudden won’t read any DVD media. It will still read and play audio cds and data cds. any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m new to this so if you need any more info please be patient with me.

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If you can put it another pc and try it.

I have tried that but get the same results. still nothing

Well i would guess the dvd laser is shot. Sorry

We have this drive with whole batch of HP PC’s we bought. We’ve currently had to send about 15 drives back to HP because they were exhibiting the exact same problem (ie it can read CD’s but not DVD’s).

HP finally admitted that there was a firmware problem with this drive and have since given us drives with newer versions of the firmware.

Talk to HP and get the drive replaced ASAP.

What is the version number of the newer firmware ?

Yes very interesting :slight_smile:

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