Read noise problem LG BH16NS55

Hi, I have a question for who have bh16ns55. Anyone have a high noise when play DVD ?
My burner yes, I bought on Amazon warehouse at prime day, it’s practically new (manufactured April 18).
I contacted LG but for they not have faulty burners in shop, a no sense answer -.-’
I tried dosflash method and crossflash the wh68v1.5 firmware find here (I choose this for quality scans) but have the same problem, I think that LG flashed wrong calibration data, it’s possible ?
When play rimhillex software, the read speed is set to 125x, I can lower speed a minimum 16x and it’s perfect. How I can manipulate calibration data to set read speed at default x16 ? It’s possible ?
PS: I tried only one DVD-R Verbatim AZO (MCC 03RG20) burned at 8x, I can’t try other disc, I don’t have it .
Thanks and sorry me for my bad English

no one have high noise when reads dvd with bh16ns55 ? I have the same issue also in write :frowning:

125x is a wrong speed indicator, the speed of this LG is max. 16x with BD-R write, 12x read, with DVD 16x read/write, with CD 48x

Very strange behaviour, I think it’s a electric problem supply, your PSU is at its peak, so your burner it’s not getting the proper current or somekind of faulty voltage. Try a different SATA current plug, but if it’s possible unplug first the other burner in case you have another one or a hard disk, obviously not the one with the OS.

My english is not perfect either.

Kind regards

Thanks for thee reply Tester_1 and Zurst.
Zurst, you have this drive ? And not have noise ? I have a faulty unit probably…
I changed sata power and the problem is the same, I have the burner on the desk, my pc is on a bench table, possible the noise it’s for this ?
I tried a M-disc today, burning at 4x and the noise is the same but, at 50% burning, the noise less down. When I tried scan 8x o play file the noise is very high again :frowning:

No, my burners are: Pioneer BD-R 209DBK and LG BH16NS40, no problem at all with my LG, but the one I most like is the Pioneer.


Seems so. I have the same drive and no such problems.
Can you post some info (mainboard and used sata connectors/chip), also installed ODD related softwares?