Read me first - Please use our search

We all started out as a newbie, some did a long time ago, others did just recently.

The fact that your question is located in this forum either means that you yourself consider yourself a newbie or an Administrator/moderator felt your question belongs in this forum.

I noticed that a lot of people ask questions that have been asked many times over and over again. In itself very understandable, but very inefficient.

To help you in your search for an answer below a few tips that might help you using our search function:[ul]
[li]The (part of the) word you are searching for must have at least 3 characters (letters or digits)
[/li][li]Try to combine words to narrow the search results by using ‘AND’ (capitalized). For example: dvd AND ripper
[/li][li]Try different combinations of words
When you can’t find anything through using the search you are more than welcome to post your question in the appropriate forum once (so not the same message in more than one forum, this will only scatter the discussion).

When you do post a message please respect our rules and provide as much information as possible, such as your operating system, your CD-(Re)Writer (type and latest firmware if possible), the error message (as detailed as possible) and the software (including version number) that you are using (or at least tried to use :wink: ). Also, please, use a title for your post that gives an indication of what it is about (it is quite annoying to see posts like ‘Help me please’ and may prevent people from even reading it and thus not giving you an answer you are seeking).

Hopefully you find this useful and hopefully you will find many useful postings at this forum and you keep coming back often, so you can at one time help others with their questions.

Should you have any further questions regarding this forum’s policy or you feel you have been unjustly treated, feel free to contact me through Private Message (PM).

Forum Administrator

thanks for the ‘AND’ tip for search. so many site search engines, all seem to have diff rules. :slight_smile:

AND is part of the boolean logic search protocol and is used by most all major search engines…

I knew that, but didn’t have a primary site bookmarked. At the same time, it’s sometimes confusing when the site doesn’t tell you (I could think of one or two) if they use AND/NOT or +/-. What I’d like to see is where a site explains how to search using a long string or words and explains clearly how/why/when to do so. It’s not as intuitive as it should be, at least not to me. :eek: