Read FDDs

Lets go Legacy. I found an old bunch of FDDs sitting around on my storage and wantto back them up. But most of them give me a “This Disk is not formatted” message when i douple click on “A:”

Is there some software that can do a deeper scan or read, or a better piece of Floppy Disk equipment (I use an external Toshiba FDD reader) or do i have to consider my old Disk collection dead and simply throw them away.

I have rescued my collection that survived the cleanouts of the late '90s (can’t believe I did that without copying them first), and got good reads of all but a few (even diskettes from the very early '90s, Amiga and PC both).

Now I would not know of any freeware to do that, but I found the [B]KryoFlux[/B] board which makes it possible to read any format diskettes, even Amiga on a standard internal 1.44MB PC floppydrive (2.88MB needs the 2.88MB drive if I am not mistaken).

Priced around 100 euros, it may be more than you’re willing to invest to try to save what is on there as even though you can rip using raw streams as well (each diskette will become arond 20MB) there is no guarantee that it will work for yours.
It will largely depend on the quality of the diskettes and the storage condition in which they were kept. :flower:

You’re right it is way more. I do have some old 90s disks from an IBM PS2 with some old games (Zaxxon, Pinball, Harley Ride, etc) that it would be nice to keep in my collection. But i’m only looking for some sane method to retrieve them.