Read errors with LG GSA- 4166B - very weird solution

I´ve been getting read errors with 4166b ( also with other lg dvd-rom drive ) both with burned dvds and manufactured dvds. I tried everything, switched to other buses ( both primary/secondary, master / slave ) and reinstalled windows xp and drivers, uninstalled ide and scsi controllers many times with no luck.

The drive was unable to read dvds ( both manufactured and self-burned ) properly and I used burnintest to verify these errors.

I was getting sure that either mine motherboard or windows installation was somehow broken as the problem didnt exist before.


When I play manufactured movie dvd with windows media player, the dvd reads correctly and there is no read errors with any dvd until I boot again. Somehow reading the dvd with ( microsoft built ) WMP ( tried both 9 and 10 ) fixes my drive until next reboot. I can change then the dvds and use the drive normally, and all the discs that show read errors before now work properly, but only until next reboot. It must be windows media player, none other dvd player software does this trick.

Its amazing how my system can do this, it would be nice to find solution, that does not need playing manufactured movie dvds with WMP first. :slight_smile:

sounds like a software issue - some software or driver conflict.