Read errors when using DVD Decrypter

I am having trouble backing up Stealth (Region 2…
DVD Decrypter starts giving read errors in the first VOB file (others seem to be ok). I tried using DVD Shrink (in conjunction with AnyDVD) but I only receive an error message when I want to open the disc. What type of protection is this and how do I overcome it, is there other software that will work? (I also had the same problem with Christmas with the Kranks)

What version of Anydvd? In combination with clonedvd it should work fine. Or the latest dvdfabdecrypter.

I had no trouble backing up Stealth (Region 1) using AnyDVD and DVDShrink 3.2 using a NEC 3550 drive, so unless there is copy protection that is more specificly targeting your hardware – it could most likely be a software problem or one of those “annoying little scratches that your drive simply doesn’t like”.

Usually when I start having read problems I switch to another system and drive, as each has it’s own level of sensitivity to even the most simplistic damage (and even if it normally can read past most scratches). My guess it depends highly on the level of scratch damage as well as it’s location, as even CD’s from the past (for example) would seem to be more sensitive to damage when it contained compressed data than if it would contain non-compressed data (so most avi’s, zip’s, and even pictures would be the first to go).

My only suggestion (if you’ve not done so already) is try another drive. If you are using your burner to read then try a regular rom or even another burner if you’ve got one handy, otherwise you might have a friend that has a burner or even a dvd-rom that you could try – however without a fast network connection or burner getting off the “borrowed” PC could be a challenge. :smiley:

Good Luck and keep us posted.

I was using AnyDVD 5.5… It found and corrected 1 bad sector encryption on the disc. The DVD was brand new and it didn’t appear to have any scratches on it (It plays fine)… I have 2 x LG writers (4167B (DL12) & 408something), as well as a DVD ROM and A BTC writer (not to sure about the model). I tried all of them and it seems that they all start giving read errors at the same place.

I will update to AnyDVD and give it another try…

You’ll have a newer version anydvd