Read errors on PS2 cd-r

I don’t know how, but i’ve found several PS2 burned CD-R’s, that can’t be readed, showing the following errors:

Anybody knows how to insert that kind of bad sectors in a CD-R?


well the copy protection I have made myself famous for is scratche cds.

In answer to your question, im sure one of out experts in the optical storage technical discussions forum would know.

id wager burning them fast could cause these kinds of errors, but thats a crappy excuse. i cant think of any ps2 protection that would cause errors on those sectors. sorry, but im going to call operator error on whoever made your cdr’s.

First ive ever heard of a protection on a PS2 CD-R
so my guess is gotta be scratches aswell.

the only protection i know of on the PS2 is the FADE protection which is to be introduced, don’t know the title yet as of which its on. Though if Operation Flashpoint was any indication im pointing the finger at Codemaster titles :frowning:

The protection is not in the Original PS2 game, is in a copy.

In addition the game size are 300mb and Padus DJ detect it as a 99 min CD…


its not a protection. the game was not backed up properly. the protection wouldnt just manifest itself during a burn. that’d be an act of god, and afaik, god doesnt live in computers.

No, these “backups” has been acquired in the same “backups” store, and all the CD’s from that store presents the same behavior.


define read : cant be read on your computer, or cant be read on your computer and in your ps2? also, whats a “backup” store? as im hesitant to keep helping you, since you refer to your backups as “backups”…

i suggest you take your original ps2 disc, use clonecd on it, and then burn it back to cd. then we’ll talk.