Read errors from sector

I am using an external DVD burner, Philips ED16DVDS. It has worked fine until now but now I am receiving following message (in Nero) when trying to burn DVDs:
Read errors from sector 1276688 to 1276719
Read errors from sector 1276736 to 1276927…
Can anyone help me with this? Is it Nero, the burner or the DVDs?

Potentially all 3.

Is this DVD a commercial Movie DVD? If so, it most likely has copy protection, which you will need AnyDVD, or similar to counter before you can read the files from the DVD.

If it’s a burnt DVD, download Cdcheck. Install & Run on the offensive DVD.
Then run start->Programs->Ahead/Nero->Nero Toolkit->CD/DVD Speed & run the transfer rate test on the disc.

Also, please do the following;
Start->Programs->Ahead/nero->Nero Toolkit->Nero infotool.
Press the little disk symbol & save it to the desktop.
Open the file on the desktop & copy what’s in it.
Reply here & paste the results between [ code ] [ /code ] tags.

Then we can see what might be going on :wink: