Read errors from sector 1445200-445231

Hi, I am having a problem copying a downloaded film onto my dvd+rw disc using Nero 6 Enterprise Edition. All parts of Nero are updated. The FIRST step Nero use is the COMPRESSING AND COPYING stage which are successful. The SECOND step is DATA VERIFICATION which is successful. The THIRD step is BURNING which is also successful. The FOURTH step is again DATA VERIFICATION, but this time it has failed. Next to the red crosses are words that say “Read errors from sector 1445200-445231” and many more like that but with different numbers. All these resulted in the burning to disc being aborted. I would be grateful if someone email me with a solution to this problem.


Errol :slight_smile:

Your DVD+RW may be bad.
Try some good RW media like Verbatim. :slight_smile: