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I have been getting Read Errors, and believe it is due to my Pioneer 108D. While archiving an expensive DVD set using AnyDVD, I ripped the first DVD succesfully.

However, I tried to rip the second DVD with my Pioneer 108D. I got the Read Error at 22%. I then tried to rip this second DVD with my portable LG USB DVD burner. I again got the Read Error at 22%.

Is it possible to “clear” AnyDVD of any “record” of the first attempt of ripping this 2nd DVD?

I am using AnyDVD, Pioneer 108D Gradius Firmware version 1.20 and the LG USB GSA-E10L (no firmware changes).

If both drives interrupt ripping in the same point of the disc, is probable that the disc is scratched or dirty, or also damaged.

I thought that too, but these are new. I just bought them. No blemishes.

Give a try to Ripit4me

Maybe it’s able to complete the rip

Since you already purchased Anydvd why not purchased CloneCD or CloneDVD2 and use those program to do the rip? Would seem logical to purchase supporting software to better your ripping ability.

The link for the animated tutorial on how to use RipIt4Me

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Being that it is a “read error”, it is something other that an AnyDVD problem. Perhaps a bad “pressing” since it happens at the same place on different drives…This is probably not the appropriate forum for this posting.

Read error’s can be either bad medium source, or the ripper in question is struggling with the copy protection.

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Most likely, AnyDVD has done its job but since we don’t know what the movies are we can only guess…

I agree Bilbo65, I have not seen the backup that AnyDVD has not updated for or is unable to decrypt. But as the other posters have said there are other options available. Read errors can be caused by numerous things as has been said in the posts above.

I’ve had brand new pristine discs give me CRC errors . . . just 'cause it’s new doesn’t mean it’s good! The last time I saw this I think was Band of Brothers, the special features disc. My Mom bought my brothers and I all copies for Christmas and all discs would backup except the last one. I borrowed both my brothers’s discs and they had the exact same problem. Months later a friend mentioned he’d just bought the set and I borrowed his and it worked fine. I’m sure it was a manufacturing error - my borthers’s discs and mine had all been bought at the same place at the same time, so they were all probably out of the same lot. Later trying a disc out of a different lot proved successful. Just one of them things . . .

BTW, the last disc appeared to play fine at first, but after watching it a couple times there is one spot where the video stutters for just an instant and then it moves on (blink and you miss it!).

I have see AnyDvD being not able to decrypt, but in most cases the problem is fixed by the next update. It’s just timing.

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Posting the AnyDVD information window would be helpful. Telling Title / Country / Region of the source disc, too.

Thanks guys. The DVD set is I, Claudius. It seems to work now in the LG. But not in the Pioneer 108D. I am Region 1.

I’ve been satisfied with my Nero 6 Suite (which has Nero recode) – nearly $100! – so I didn’t feel compelled to spend the extra for the CloneDVD. AnyDVD was enough, and I’ve been pretty happy with my results so far. Eternal updates is nice, so was worth the $40 odd. For some reason though, it won’t auto-name the destination folder though that was listed as an improvement in the latest update. Strange.

So AnyDVD did its job…

Absolutely. That was never in doubt. I think it’s a great program, and never regreted my purchase.

But the thread is legitimate. I was trying to deal with a hardware problem, and thought I might be able to get around it by asking a quesiton about the software. No offense intended. I continue to enjoy this software and the updates.

Frankly speaking, this software has save me a lot of worry. those of you who have the Alien “quadrilogy” set (and other box sets) know what I’m talking about. Imagine what would happen if only ONE disk got ruined. You’d have to re-buy the whole thing. And the glue in the box set is very poor. If I were to continually open and close it, the box would be ruined!

I only use my backups now, and use the originals for my display case! :slight_smile: Never have to worry about replacing anything! If you are a cinephile, you cannot go wrong backing up your DVDs.

I thought it was only happening to me. I should have gotten the tin instead of the flimsy card board.

I didn’t even know there was a tin … 9 disk set right? I don’t think amazon listed it back when I bought the cardboard.

It’s even cheaper than the boxset! Sorry for getting this thread off topic. I’ll stop :).

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vobblanker is free and many times will read thru ie rip a disk error