Read error

Ok here goes. I use to use shrink and nero. was having problems encoding some of the movies just a few. so i tried o click dvd and the trial of any dvd. The movies i could not do with shrink and nero worked great with these to programs so i purchased any dvd. Now the first movie i am trying to do which is the village I get this message.
A READ ERROR HAS OCCURED WHILE READING A FILE. THIS FILE MAY BE ENCRYPTED OR CANNOT BE READ CORRECTLY BY THE DVD DEVICE. IF YOUR ARE USING A DECRYPTOR YOU MAY NEED TO RESTART IT BEFORE RUNNING 1 CLICK DVD COPY… I have tried redownloading any dvd. Im not computer smart did learn to use shrink and nero and was doing good with oneclick and any dvd. any suggestions on what i am doing wrong. should my any dvd work automatally with one click. If someone could help i would appreciate it. Thank you Joanne :sad:

Newer DVD’s use all sorts of nasty copy/rip protections, some are based on unreadable sectors.

The latest version of AnyDVD should counter these issues though :slight_smile:

Yea i was hoping. This was the kind of error i got with shrink and when i did the trial of any dvd it worked now i just downloaded the newest version cause i purchased it and the first one I tried i got that message. Not sure if im doing something wrong or what. I was so happy cause once click and any dvd seemed to work so good until i purchased it. I just dont know if im doing something wrong now or what. any dvd should run in the background of one click dvd right??

right click on the fox (in the taskbar and anydvd should be red in color) and click on Rip Video-Dvd to Harddisk… make sure to remember where it saves it. then point 1clickdvd to it. (i’m not sure if you can or not since i don’t use 1clickdvd)