Read error

I have been trying to burn two different dvd’s. During the read process an error comes up saying “Scheduler 0 F:VIDEO_TS/VTS_03_1.VOB:23:read error TCSector ReaderTCE.” I tried to burn another DVD and it worked fine.
Does any one know what is wrong?

I’m not a tech, but I always wash a disc 1st before putting it into the burner. Sometimes you can get an error message. I would wash the disc and try again. Is it scratched? Do you wipe off dust from the burner’s surface? I have learned over time that DVD burners/recorders can be VERY picky about dirty or scratched discs. My Sony DVD recorders are even worse than the PC burners.

I just got that message now but after taking the DVD out and cleaning it, its decided to work